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Obama Last Name Meaning

Currently there's a lot of interest in the meaning and origin of the Obama last name mostly due to the emergence of President-Elect Barack Obama who was born in Hawaii, US as a world leader. Barack Obama's father (Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.) was born in Kenya, within a tribal group called the Luo (also called Jaluo and Joluo). In the Luo language the word 'Obama' means 'to be slightly bent' or 'to be twisted'. The family name 'Obama' is a name that has been passed down from at least as far back as Barack Obama's Grandfather. It is likely that the Obama last name was first derived from a personal trait or characteristic which was combined with a given first name.

From: The Oxford Names Companion, Oxford University Press

Obama Family Facts

Discover some interesting historical facts about the Obama family:

Preserve Your Obama Family History

Creating a family history is a great way to preserve the history of your family for generations to come. Get started by following these three simple steps:

    1. Create a Family Tree

    The most popular methods to create family trees are:

    • Create Online. Probably the easiest way to get started. The advantage with an online family tree is that you can invite other family members to help fill in missing details. The largest online family tree site is
    • Create with Software. If you're concerned about online privacy issues with the first option, then the next best option for easily creating your family tree is to use a family tree software. The most popular family tree software over the past decade is Family Tree Maker.
    • Create with Downloadable Forms. If you're working with a limited budget, the best option would be to download a free family tree template. This template would be used to write-in all of the family names and and dates that you know.

    2. Fill In Gaps from Additional Sources

    When you're done filling in all of the information that you know about your family, you'll likely find that you are missing some information. Proven methods to find out more about your family history are:

    3. Publish Your Obama Family History

    When your family history is complete, be sure to preserve it in a archive quality format that can be passed down from generation to generation.

    The best way to preserve your family history for future generations is to publish it as an archival quality, hard-covered publication with acid free materials. One of the best online book creation tools for family histories is available through

    Create Your Obama Family History Book

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